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Portfolio: Multicamera registration in Domani Venlo

Last Saturday ShowTheme provides the complete video technology during a crowded ceremony Domani in Venlo for one of its clients.
After the preparation, the necessary technology was installed and linked to the fixed installation of Domani to make sure the registration succeeded in every detail.
Using three cameras het ceremony was recorded in HD and distributed through an HD-SDI connection, to an HD-SDI to HDMI converter, which supplied the camera vision to multiple  55 inch full HD screens so all the invited guests could watch the ceremony closely.
To illuminated all objects correctly high frequency dimmable continuously lighting was used.
Due to the large opening angle and high efficiency these lights are ideal for illumination of large spaces.

  • Multicamera registration in Domani Venlo
  • Multicamera registration in Domani Venlo

Show Theme also provides the video editing of these images into a fully assembled DVD or Blu-ray.
For more information about the possibilities regarding video registration or playback for a larger audience, complimented with video control and graphics s, email: info@showtheme.nl .