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Portfolio: Viva Classic Live 2015

For the fourth year many where able to enjoy this great open-air event from creator, artist and presenter Sef Thissen.
This year well known artists like Ernst Daniël Smid, Marco Bakker and Henk Poort gave an appearance.
Furthermore, there where the soprano Anna Emelianova from Moscow and the tenor Hector Sandoval from Mexico who brought the audience into ecstasy.
Usage of a real VIP Deck made it possible for even more people to enjoy the three concerts that were given during the first weekend of September.

  •  Viva Classic Live 2015
  •  Viva Classic Live 2015
  •  Viva Classic Live 2015
  •  Viva Classic Live 2015

As a partner of this event ShowTheme yielded the necessary broadcast video facilities
including LEDscreen, professional HD Cameras, videoswitcher and solid state players.
This provided the possibility to make live logo instarts synchronized with the live voice-over and completely digitally processing of the camera images.
This year the partners of Viva Classic Live where presented optimally on the LEDscreen using our Managed Purple Presenter system.

In close collaboration with the production manager Ton Lamberts, Omroep Venlo and Sef Thissen it once again became a very successful production
and we are already looking forward to the jubilee year.
Sef Thissen indicated huge plans for the 2016 edition, but can’t make any further statements about it,
nevertheless it’s certain is that Viva Classic Live 2016 will take place on the market in Venlo once again.