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Portfolio: Fort Island Pampus

This tourist day attraction in the IJmeer wants to inform their international visitors even better about the history of this fortress island, to achieve this they’ve  decided to add English subtitles to three projections including the 360 degree projection.
In collaboration with Camojo Media (film) and Studio Harm Hasenaar (multidisciplinary design) ShowTheme (technical manager of Pampus) completed this task.
Due to the good preparation and the fast switching between partners, the downtime was limited to minimum.

  • Fort Island Pampus
  • Fort Island Pampus

With exhibits that are in operation for several years, there is always the possibility that unexpected issues occur  when upgrading. Before upgrading we’ve made a thorough risk analysis, which let to a smooth implementation of the three projections.
Meanwhile, foreign visitors can better understand the history of the island  through the English subtitles, which thereby adds value to the experience of Pampus.
For more information about Pampus: http://www.pampus.nl/