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Brands: LG Business Solutions

LG Business Solutions

LG Business Solutions offers a wide range of display products, such as LED and OLED displays, video walls, curved displays, DualView displays, touch displays, stretched displays and transparent displays. These displays are all specially designed for various applications within companies, stores, schools and catering establishments.

The majority of the range of LG displays consists of:
LED displays: Professional LED displays for every application. From 10 "Full HD touch screens to 98" 4K UHD displays. LG LED displays also include LG video walls and special displays such as an 86 ”Long Stretch and the narrowest bezel video wall.
OLED displays: Exceptional image quality and a revolutionary thin display design adds style to the existing LG Digital Signage solutions. OLED displays are known for their excellent color saturation. And black is really black. With these displays you can think of DualView curved OLED, wallpaper OLED and open frame OLED.
Commercial Light TVs: These popular displays offer optimized functions and efficient management in commercial applications and hospitality environments. Commercial Lite TVs deliver great image quality, simple interfaces and business functions to entertain and inform your guests.

For more information visit: https://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-displays