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Portfolio: Pampus Xperience

In 2011 we’ve played an important role in the realization of the Pampus Xperience in name of our former employer.
To maintain this Xperience maintenance is needed, ShowTheme provides this service for foundation fortress island Pampus and in the unlikely event of failure our team ready to intervene.
In close partnership we’re also working on a plan which contain replacement of equipment so it stays reliable
and up to date and last but not least we’re brainstorming about future expansions.

Pampus Xperience consists of eleven  rooms containing unique exhibits.
In each room a part of history of Fortress Island Pampus is shown to the visitor in an interactive manner.
Visitors can put the great wheel of the steam engine in motion to start a movie
or send a Morse code message to shore using a real antique keyer.
By aiming a life size canon visitors can “shoot” into paintings of cannon weapons,
when these are hit a sounds corresponding to the weapon is played.
The visitors can experience the precision required for filling cartouches (large bags of gunpowder)
and then experience how tough life at Fortress Island Pampus was through hoisting these cartouches into the canon dome.
In the central part of the island contains a beautiful 360 degree projection displaying the arise of Fortress Island Pampus.

  • Pampus Xperience
  • Pampus Xperience
  • Pampus Xperience
  • Pampus Xperience
  • Pampus Xperience
  • Pampus Xperience

The showcontrol system on Fortress Island Pampus is build up flexible and the entire central system can be switched on and off by pressing just one button. However, the used equipment is mounted decentralized and each room can function autonomously.
When a fault occurs each room can be enabled separately and still be used, therefore  the reliability of the Pampus Xperience is exceptionally large.
In the field of service and maintenance, the showcontrol system contains special features.
Using a touchscreen in the technical area one can see the systems actual status and check of all equipment is "online",
this overview page is also available as a web page over the internet offering the Island porter to checkl everything from his home location.
The system keeps track of all the devices available status information, such as operating hours of the projector lamps, filter times, smoke fluid levels etc.
When one of the values threatens to be tripped an email is sent automatically to the companies involved.
Using this system equipment can be serviced before it actually fails.