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Brands: Neets Control

Neets Control

Neets makes smart, intuitive and easy to install AV control systems that make it easy to start presentations in meeting rooms and classrooms. Easier by simply pressing a button, or even better: automatically start and shutdown the required AV equipment! Neets combines Scandinavian design with high functionality, and they also very well understand that AV devices must be reliable and simple. That is why their AV control systems are very accessible, so that presenters can focus on their story. To meet the needs of their users, Neets is constantly developing their product portfolio. This results in new products, which are equipped with built-in web servers, which offer a comprehensible AV control system with an adapted interface for iOS or Android devices.

For more information see: https://www.neets.dk/

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  • ShowTheme: Multimedia System Integration - Merken