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Project: Exposition Signs of Freedom

On October 17, deputy Ger Koopmans performed the opening of the exhibition 'Signs of freedom - From war documentary to Armando'. This exhibition, of the Limburgs Museum in collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, shows works by artists and filmmakers who respond to the freedom gained after 1945.

For this exhibition ShowTheme provided the advisement, delivery and integration of video technology. Using six Hitachi short throw projectors, 6 scenes from The documentary that is popularly called the Puinfilm are displayed. Furthermore three 75-inch LG monitors display 3 short films, made by students, in which they depict their personal relationship with freedom. Underlaying Brightsign narrow casting players ensure a reliable and synchronized playback of the video material. The entire installation can be easily operated using a custom programmed Neets Uniform button panel.

This exhibitionwas on display until 8 March 2020 in the Limburgs Museum in Venlo.


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