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Portfolio: Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum.

  • Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum.
  • Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum.
  • Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum.
  • Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum.

Recently, ShowTheme has installed various narrow casting systems in the Limburgs Museum that provide visitors with current information about exhibitions, symposia, film screenings, opening hours and more. The screens used are all from our preferred brand LG.

A special 88-inch ultra-stretch display has been mounted behind the museum's reception desk, which has a unique 32:9 aspect ratio, making the screen almost 2.20 meters wide.

At the entrance, a customized floor/ceiling column in stainless steel has been mounted, suitable for "back to back" mounting of two screens. This makes it possible to inform visitors both inside and outside, while the entire set-up is a visually clean-install.

The screen facing the outside is a so-called "Window Facing Display", which means that the brightness produced is extremely high (4000 nits), so that the information on the screen remains clearly visible even during sunny days. Furthermore, this screen is resistant to high temperatures. and solar radiation which is not the case with standard screens.

The museum café is equipped with a 75-inch monitor with increased light output, via an HDMI connection facility It is also possible to give a presentation at this location.

All screens are equipped with a separate BrightSign player for playing the narrowcasting content, because these BrightSign players have more graphical computing power than the internal SOC (System On Chip) players with which the screens are standard equipped.

The whole is controlled by the cloud-based CMS (Content Management System) Wallboard, ShowTheme has recently become an official certified partner of Wallboard. This system is very user-friendly and intuitive, but also has the functionality to realize complex automations, there are options for automatically downloading data from e.g. a website through webhooks, xml, json, etc.. Furthermore, it’s possible to make use of data from an excel file, so it can be easily edited without having to adjust the content each time. The cloud-based system makes it possible to provide remote service, so a customer service request can be answered quickly and an actual visit is in most cases not necessary. The system has internal monitoring functions that automatically send a message when e.g. a screen is “offline”.

For more information about narrow casting and specific solutions, you can always contact us, info@showtheme.nl