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Portfolio: Mysticism

Last Friday the opening of the new exhibition Mysticism took place at the Limburgs Museum. The exhibition Mysticism – Rituals. Stillness. Ecstasy. shows how people have been trying to transcend daily reality for centuries. Through prayer and meditation, through rosaries, music, scents and yoga poses, through pilgrimages, trance-inducing dance and drink or drugs: we continue to hope for ‘more’. Mysticism guides you through three rooms, each with its own sense-stimulating atmosphere. From rituals to stillness and from stillness to ecstasy.

  • Mysticism
  • Mysticism
  • Mysticism

As preferred supplier of the Limburgs Museum, ShowTheme took care of the integration of the audiovisual techniques. This exhibition consists of several (laser) projections, some of which are equipped with directional sound. A number of screens in various sizes have also been applied. Using showcontrol the whole is switched on and off automatically based on the opening hours of the museum, with the option to manually take over the controls if necessary.

“Mysticism: Rituals. Stillness. Ecstasy.” Visit the exhibition and experience what “Mysticism” does to you. This exhibition can be seen until 19 March 2023.
Mysticism - Limburgs Museum