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Portfolio: Jocus Hofbal Live Content

With the outcome of the new" Dreejspan " in a packed renewed Maaspoort theatre a videowall was used  to supplement the entire show with spectacular visual effects.
By the use of a 24 square meter (LED) display, guests were treated to a series of video and graphic images, a large portion was edited realtime during the full evening show and synchronized with the light show, creating an extra dimension and boosted teh experience of this gala event.
By using two video editors, combined with a video switch technician, it was possible to respond immediately to changes in the playlist during the show.
The Musical Matinee Sunday was completely live mixed by three ShowTheme technicians.
The organization, artists and audience were very impressed with this visual spectacle.
For all your (LED) wall projects ShowTheme offers a appropriate solution, both with or without the addition of graphic / video customization.


  • Jocus Hofbal Live Content
  • Jocus Hofbal Live Content