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Portfolio: Sulzer Turbo Services large conference room

Commissioned by AVL projects ShowTheme has modernized the presentation facility in the large conference room
at Sulzer Turbo Services in Lomm (NL).

The existing presentation facility no longer met the current requirements,
the projector had exceeded its life span and fell short in terms of light output, resolution and contrast ratio.
The projection screen was outdated and with an aspect ratio of 4:3 it was unsuitable for wide view presentations.
Several companies worked on this system in the past few years, which let to a lot off excess cabling in the system, partly no longer in use,
partly semi connected.
ShowTheme inventoried the existing installation and looked at the possibilities to remove the excess cabling.
Then the installation was reëngineered and based on the new design a tailor made quote was presented.

Within this new design the projector has been replaced by a full HD model with a light output of 5000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 3000:1.

The projection screen has been replaced by a 16:9 model with a size of 3.12 x 1.80 meters.
The table console  is expanded with HDMI and VGA connection possibilities, a module with four USB host ports has also been installed.
After some software modifications the existing Extron  control panel served all requirements, the existing VGA switch is also reused in the upgraded installation.
The new setup is fully documented and elaborated in an installation drawing.

Should you have an AV installation which no longer satisfies your needs?
ShowTheme would be pleased to redesign the installation, presented in a customized plan.

  • Sulzer Turbo Services large conference room
  • Sulzer Turbo Services large conference room