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Portfolio: Seacon Logistics Meetingroom

Seacon Logistics is the number one logistics chain director.
Seacon Logistics offers total logistics solutions based on our worldwide presence in more than 75 countries
and is leading in applying the multimodal transport concept.
As sponsor of among others VVV Venlo, Seacon Logistics shows great affinity with their surroundings.
Through investments in sport, culture, education and social welfare involvement is reached.

We proudly inform you that Seacon Logistics has chosen ShowTheme as their multimedia AV partner.
Decisiveness, reliability and service are key words on which this cooperation is based.

In the most recent project ShowTheme updated the presentation feature in one of the meeting rooms.
The previous AV supplier builded an installation using a so-called "black box" principle.
Be using a company branded device as nerve centre for the whole installation, third party suppliers are
excluded for maintenance and modifications.
For this reason, in combination with the outdated analog cabling and SD projector,
it was decided to disassemble the whole existing the installation.


  • Seacon Logistics Meetingroom
  • Seacon Logistics Meetingroom
  • Seacon Logistics Meetingroom
  • Seacon Logistics Meetingroom
  • Seacon Logistics Meetingroom

The new setup uses a professional full HD projector, connections for HDMI, VGA, audio and USB are neatly mounted into the rooms cable trunking.
The whole system can be easily operated using the latest model of Extron control panels,
the backlit keys with obvious text or icons provide intuitive operation.

In this new setup, only "open standard" equipment is used,
which offers  Seacon Logistics the possibility to use third party suppliers for service and maintenance,
making them less dependent of ShowTheme.
Through our confidence in our knowledge, expertise and service we are convinced of a long-term customer relationship,
without using "black box" designs or other tricks.