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Taal: Nederlands Language: English (active)

Project: Royal Delft Experience

ShowTheme’s employees, commissioned by Wennekes Office for Imagination, contributed in the realization for the Royal Delft Experience. Beside tulips, clogs and mills, the Netherlands are also internationally renowned for their Delftware pottery. Thought-out the years many factories went out of business, except ”The Porceleyne Fles”. Within this last remaining factory, with a history starting on 1653, visitor can admire the “Royal Delft Experience”, an audio-visual show which explains the entire production process for this Dutch Delftware Pottery, from the designing table to the final product.This experience is also available to the public in the Munttoren Amsterdam.

The Royal Delft Experience takes place within a studiously thermalized factory scene in which three different “video locations” are located,the factory manager, the master painter and the factory hall. A multilingual voice-over clearly explains each step of the production process, while the visitor are watching from outside to the inside of the factory through the windows, inducing a visual support of the process.
This project combines all various disciplines, such as audio, video, lighting, showcontrol, even special effects like automatically opening and  feeling the intense heat of a life-size pottery oven and opening a cast mold revealing a Delftware bottle.


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