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Portfolio: Hotel Klein Zwitserland digital hospitality television.

Hotel “Klein Zwitserland, a four-star luxury hotel, is nestled amongst the hills of South Limburg.
Here rest, relaxation and pampering are combined!
In the renowned à la carte restaurant, you experience each day as a treat.
Inside the 36 luxurious sitting and sleeping rooms, you are surrounded by pleasant, warm colors and comfort.
Most of the rooms and suites complimented with a private terrace or balcony,
you can enjoy a magnificent view of hills, farmlands and Gulpvalley in Slenaken (NL).
For more information about the hotel, see also: www.kleinzwitserland.com

ShowTheme featured all 36 rooms with the latest flat screen TV’s including hotel functionality.
The hospitality functionality offers the opportunity to block functions like menu and settings,
also the maximum volume can be limited and the TV can be adjusted so it will always display the hotel info channel at startup.
ShowTheme equipped  all TVs with a CI + module and Ziggo smartcard, allowing guests to enjoy the rich digital television package.

  • Hotel Klein Zwitserland digital  hospitality television.
  • Hotel Klein Zwitserland digital  hospitality television.
  • Hotel Klein Zwitserland digital  hospitality television.

Show Theme offers a wide range of possibilities regarding hospitality TVs for hotels, healthcare institutions, but also nursing homes.
Nursing homes, are often equipped  with a simple remote control which comes with just six buttons,
this reassures the mostly elderly residents because they can operate the TV without the risk to accidentally press the wrong button and messing things up.
Furthermore, by using our Managed Purple Presenter narrowcasting system ShowTheme can create an information channel which will be distributed as an DTV channel using the TV network. Such an information channel can be used to provide guests with additional information, such as: current offers, house rules and weather forecasts.