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Portfolio: DOK6 Narrow Casting

DOK6 Home of Entertainment in Panningen (NL) chooses ShowThemes Managed Purple Presenter narrowcasting system.
DOK6 was already using a narrowcasting system but this didn’t meet the contemporary needs and customizing content took too much precious time.

The new system consists of several MPP players on various floors within the entertainment complex,
all players are included in the computer network, managing and uploading new content is done using a centralized PC.

  • DOK6 Narrow Casting
  • DOK6 Narrow Casting


The Managed Purple Presenter system is used for displaying various additional information to visitors of DOK6,
such as trailers of movies, information about package deals and commercials of local entrepreneurs.

Which presentation should be played at a precise time can easily be configured using the extended schedule function.
Automatically powering the screens is also done using this schedule,
preventing unnecessary operating hours and energy consumption during closing time.

With the Managed Purple Presenter system ShowTheme can create a suitable system for each customer,
depending on the wishes keeping the content up to date can be:

  • Offered on demand
  • Offered as a monthly contract (SLA)
  • Self-handled by the customer.