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Portfolio: Brand Loyalty Meeting Rooms

Brand Loyalty is a major player in the field of so-called loyalty promotions in the supermarket sector .
Due to the tremendous growth it has chosen Venlo , as ' inland port',
and forms an important link between the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport
on one side and the European mainland on the other side.

Within the 45,000 m2  new distribution centre ShowTheme has equipped several areas with the latest AV components .
After a project intake at the location and a consultation with the facilities department,
it was decided to only use LED LCD screens even in the large meeting room.
The flagship is the 80 inch (204 centimeters diagonal) LED LCD screen , this is comparable to four 40 -inch TVs .
This Full HD screen has a variety of benefits compared to a projection, including a much better contrast ratio ( black is really black ) ,
high color saturation , low noise and maintenance , etc..
On customer request , all LED screens are equipped with standard connection facilities for VGA and HDMI, Apple TV , networked PC and digital TV.
So additional information can be shown quickly before, during or after a presentation.

For more information about LED screens , projections , Hotel TV , Narrowcasting , customized solutions,
please contact us by phone +31774001612 or email info@showtheme.nl

  • Brand Loyalty Meeting Rooms
  • Brand Loyalty Meeting Rooms