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Portfolio: Kunstencentrum Venlo Narrow Casting

On 30 and 31 August, the grand opening of the remodelled location of Kunstencentrum Venlo located at the Goltziusstraat took place.
After months of hard work, this new main location was deployed. ShowTheme realized various information services at this location.

Narrow Casting:
After an intensive process in which the possibilities of narrowcasting where comprehensively  demonstrated, Kunstencentrum decided to choose ShowTheme’s Managed Purple Presenter system.
In a relatively short period of time, the presentation and the technical realization of the digital signage system was realized.
The content of this narrowcasting system shown on a 70 inch LED TV at the main location.
This TV is also equipped with a boardroom system consisting of terminal facilities for VGA, HDMI and Ethernet and a simplified control panel.
Through this system, the TV can be switched from the standard narrowcasting to presentation mode, in which the images of the connected source
are shown, for example, the lecturers laptop.

Information kiosk:
Kunstencentrum was already in possession of an information kiosk, however, this did not meet their expectations and therefore no longer in use.
After an initial inventory and advice, this facility was adjusted to the current needs of the client.
Containing: upgrading the internal hardware to the current standard, but also the housing is adapted to a contemporary sleek "look".
A "plus" version of our padded SiteKiosk software package was installed, so visitors are able to fill in a registration form on the spot using a "onscreen keyboard"  displayed on the touchscreen.

  • Kunstencentrum Venlo Narrow Casting
  • Kunstencentrum Venlo Narrow Casting
  • Kunstencentrum Venlo Narrow Casting

Our personal approach and equal guidance supplemented with the high-quality equipment was decisive for Kunstencentrum Venlo.
The comments regarding these installed information facilities by visitors and the client are very positive.
We’re certain Kunstencentrum Venlo and their visitors will enjoy using their new information facilities.

For more information about Kunstencentrum Venlo and their services see: http://www.kunstencentrumvenlo.nl/