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Portfolio: Business Center Sablones Narrowcasting

Lebe Group offers clients in the real estate market a very focused and flexible approach, "customized company housing",
whether it's a single office of approximately 10 m2 or larger premises to about 4,000 m2.
Business center Sablones Venlo is one of the locations of the Lebe Group, a pilot project with narrow casting recently started at this location,
with the intention of a future roll-out to other locations within the Lebe Group.

The narrowcasting system in the Sablones center consists of four screens spread through-out the building
which are centrally managed using an online Cloud CMS system.
At the entrance a short-throw wall projection  is realized showing a dynamic video with logos of Lebe and Sablones,
using a tickertape the counter staff can welcome guests and direct them to the right room, or provide aditional information.
A 55 inch LED TV is mounted in the flex-room.  By using RTL Z, current business information is displayed,
the digital signage system makes it possible to supplement  the live TV broadcast with a custom tickertape and other content
such offers of the company dining.
The waiting area at the rear entrance features a 60-inch hospitality TV on which visitors will find information about:
the Lebe Group and Sablones, the company dining “Festina Lente”, Housed partners and topic news items.
The company dining “Festina Lente” features a projection which can be used for a  dual purpose,
both as a presentation system during a meeting or gathering and
also as a narrowcasting system during regular opening hours.


  • Business Center Sablones Narrowcasting
  • Business Center Sablones Narrowcasting
  • Business Center Sablones Narrowcasting

The content of all these separate locations can easily to managed centrally from any location with internet access,
selectable individual user rights provide the possibility to assign different privileges to different users.
The programmed schedule makes sure everything is switched on and off according to default opening hours
so the system doesn’t consume any unnecessary energy.