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Portfolio: Boxmeer LED billboards

LED billboards are the successors to the current poster advertising signs.
The advantage of these LED billboards is that they can be digitally remotely controlled.
With LED billboards printing posters and changing them manually  belongs to the past.
Furthermore, these dynamic LED billboards offer opportunities regarding display of actual data, for example,
the number of days until the opening of a shop or business, news headlines or simply showing time and temperature,
all possible with this contemporary technology.

Five of these LED billboards are placed in the city Boxmeer (NL) ,
two dual-sided large billboards with dimensions of 205x154 cm and a pixelpitch of 8mm and
three billboards with dimensions of 115x77 cm (similar to A0 poster size) and a pixelpitch of 6mm.
The content is played using our manager purple presenter narrowcasting players,
which are connected to the Internet through professional Lancom 4G modems so that the content can be managed remotely.

  • LED billboards Boxmeer
  • LED billboards Boxmeer
  • LED billboards Boxmeer
  • LED billboards Boxmeer

This project is the start of an collaboration between ShowTheme and Jordans Sign & Promotion.
Where Jordans sign & Promotions take care of the mechanical construction, the placement of the LED billboards and the contribution of the advertising space.
ShowTheme provides the configuration, installation, maintenance and support of the electronic part.
Through this partnership, both companies are able to offer their customers an even better total solution.