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Portfolio: Theater De Maaspoort Lecterns

In 2013, De Maaspoort presented a new contemporary theater complex within the context of the redevelopment of the Maasboulevard.
De Maaspoort features a clear entrance and a brasserie with terrace making the theater more accessible for guests and passers-by.
The expansion started in the autumn of 2011 and was completed in the spring of 2013.
Followed by the grand-opening of the Frans Boermans multipurpose theaterhall in August 2013.

De Maaspoort now has three theaters, the main theaterhall, the small theaterhall and the brand new Frans Boermans theaterhall.
For each off these theaterhalls De Maaspoort bought a stylish lectern.
A lectern is like a piece of furniture on the stage, a lecturer stands behind this lectern during a presentation or lecture.
Lecterns are available in all shapes, sizes, designs and budgets. From a simple model up to a high-end designer object.

  • Theater De Maaspoort Lecterns
  • Theater De Maaspoort Lecterns
  • Theater De Maaspoort Lecterns

De Maaspoort has chosen a very nice combination of a anthracite metal base and acrylic side panels and top shelf.
On special request, these lecterns are fitted with castors for easy moving, high-quality Sennheiser microphones
with shockmounts (decoupling  for acoustic microphones) and cutt-outs in the base with RGBW LED lights behind them.
The color of this LED lighting is easy to set up via supplied RF remote control,
6 preset colors can be stored and the last set color is automatically remembered, even after removing the power supply.
By adding the white (W) LEDs the by the lighting designer beloved pastels can be achieved.

ShowTheme offers a wide range of lecterns,
these are often initial design but in consultation close to any desired adaptation can be made.
Completely customized lecterns are also possible.