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Portfolio: Sportgeneeskunde Nederland

Sportgeneeskunde Nederland is a collection of organizations which are active in sports medicine fields.
Their goal is to create awareness among athletes /moving humanity in the field practice sports responsibility.
In collaboration with the company Nightlife ShowTheme has provided the technical infrastructure for video transmission over an IP network at the recently renovated location in Bilthoven (NL). Multiple high-quality streams are distributed over this network in a qualitative way to the various monitors throughout the building. Furthermore we’ve installed our  Managed Purple Presenter system, which provides narrowcasting on multiple screens within the building.

  • Sportgeneeskunde Nederland
  • Sportgeneeskunde Nederland

Through the online CMS system, the customer can easily change periodic content, based on images or text lines. The management of the complete system is done remotely.
In case a problem occurs or the user wants to adapt the configuration or layout this can be realized easily using remote access.
It’s also possible to “watch over their shoulders” and in this way provide advice, for instance regarding page layout.
ShowTheme, offers their digital signage product fully scalable, depending on the wishes and needs of the client, we can always provide a suitable system.
For more information: http://www.showtheme.nl/en/default.asp?Narrow-casting