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Portfolio: Weir Minerals Time-lapse recording

To mark their centenary an open day was organized by this multinational leader in the production of large scale inter alia pumps for transporting ores and minerals.
One of the items shown on this day was the production of the largest piston diaphragm pump in the world.

  • Weir Minerals
  • Weir Minerals

Commissioned by and in cooperation with Dynamic beeld, licht & geluid we make Time-lapse recordings of the various components and assembling the pump in a four weeks timeframe.
The whole is registered in ultra-high definition also called 4K, three Time-lapse cameras were used together with high frequency continuous illumination complemented by metal halide luminaires to ensure optimal recordings. Every 5 minutes each camera made a shot at a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. After editing the raw recordings at a very high bit rate of 80Mbps, the images are further processed into a compact film that was displayed to the public during the open day.
For more information about the possibilities of video: http://www.showtheme.nl/en/default.asp?Video