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Portfolio: Toverland Interactive Magic Wand

On Thursday 5 July 2018, Toverland opened the new Port Laguna entrance area and the new Avalon themed area. Port Laguna is designed as an idyllic harbor town with azure water, a beach and a boulevard full of activity. Magic is central in this Mediterranean entrance area: with a magic wand visitors can truly conjure up here.

Finally we are allowed to share this news. Over the past six months, ShowTheme has developed an interactive magic wand in collaboration with the amusement park Toverland, with which visitors can truly conjure in Port Laguna. The family Magistralis would like to challenge you to discover the magic within yourself, using a beautifully designed magic wand and the magical map called "Mapa Magica".

(thanks to www.looopings.nl for the photo’s)

In 2016 we already developed the improved version of the Magic Wand for the existing attraction 'Toverhuis', where children can start magical effects with a magic wand by aiming on a target. This new system takes things a step further, the Mapa Magica shows the locations of the magical places, each with its own specific magic gesture and spell, the system registers the movement of the Magic Wand and compares it to the gesture depicted in the Mapa Magica, when there is sufficient similarity the scene comes to life.
The development of the software and the Vision detection algorithm was carried out by our reliable partner in innovation Blue Engineering.

We congratulate Toverland with the realization of these new themed areas and we wish the visitors a lot of magical pleasure.

“Discover your own magic”