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Audio systems have developed strongly in recent years, nowadays a very wide range of systems and products is available, each with their specific characteristics. The challenge lies in putting together the right system for the specific application. Each application has different goals, in a boardroom speech intelligibility is the most important factor, in a theme- or amusement park the focus is on stimulating  senses and in a museum limitation of nuisance to other exhibitions is often required.

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ShowTheme uses various manufacturers of audio products and related items enabling us to serve multiple areas of application, including foreground and background sound for e.g. hospitality or meeting rooms, audio distribution systems for complexes with multiple spaces such as companies or schools, (surround) audio systems for attractions or museums and customized solutions for systems with special requirements such as a paging and entertainment system on a ferry.
We also provide signal sources and related such as (internet) tuners, (wireless) microphones, solid state players, Digital Signal Processors (DSP), connection facilities for external equipment, etc. Finally, the intuitive operation of the overall installation is also included in the concept.

ShowTheme provides the perfect interpretation for your situation.


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