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Supported by the motto "don't reinvent the wheel" ShowTheme makes use of existing equipment and connects this to each other wherever possible, but this does not always apply and sometimes a customized interface has to be developed or the specific requirements of a project demand a customer specific solution. ShowTheme has R&D capabilities to develop customized solutions, when necessary we work collaborate with various specialized partners and thereby increasing our effectiveness.

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For example, in 2016 we developed a magic wand for amusement park Toverland for use in an existing attraction of which the manufacturer no longer supplied parts. In 2018 we developed a magical interactive magic wand system with which visitors must make specific magic gestures to activate effects. In 2019, for the panorama projection in the gun turret of Fort Island Pampus, a customized projector housing was constructed, which protects the projectors against external influences and whereby the projectors remain accessible for dismantling during the winter break. For the Lebe group we have made a customized LED lighting solution for a glass elevator, since standard luminaires were not applicable here because of the dimensions. These are just a few highlights.

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