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Narrow casting

What is digital narrow casting?
Freely translated: Digital targeted advertising. In a few words this covers the main part of the term.

Digital narrow casting is a form of visual presentation which is rapidly increasing popularity, presentations appear in semi-public locations such as canteens, schools, waiting rooms, hotels, shops, shop windows, cafes and so on. With digital narrow casting the right message is running at the right moment covering the right audience, unlike broadcast advertising where a general message is published to as many people as possible. Advertising using narrow casting allows targeted advertising, the content is tailored as much as possible for the relevant target group. At the same time the content can be automatically adjusted using time of day or weather conditions.

  • Narrow casting - ShowTheme
  • Narrow casting - ShowTheme
  • Narrow casting - ShowTheme

Customized digital narrowcasting.

For digital narrow casting ShowTheme using equipment from market leader BrightSign, which offers a wide range of possibilities, but is also equally scalable to the desires and needs the client. The system uses dedicated solid state media players to playback presentations, even displaying multi-zone presentations isn’t a problem for these players. The system provides the functionality to supplement basic presentations with live feeds such as weather, traffic and news, social media feeds such as twitter, linkedin or facebook are also possible. Even individual coverage during emergencies to evacuate a building or leading visitors to the nearest emergency exit is doable with our system. Apart from dynamic presentations interactive presentations using pushbuttons, touchscreen or other sensors are also possible, even interactive shop windows using a life-size touch foil can be created.

Other providers of narrow casting systems are often limited by the possibilities within the narrow casting system they use. ShowTheme uses their knowledge and experience in the field of video technology and uses a high-end video editing system to process content into a video. This offers the advantage of using professional video techniques such as effects, transitions and multilayers. Functions which aren’t available in standard narrow casting systems.

ShowTheme processes the content which desired by the customer into an initial presentation, if desired this content can also be supplied by a DTP department or media manager. Subsequently, by using the scalable CMS module, the person(s) permitted to change the presentation are set. These rights can be set per user, e.g.  a receptionist may only change the welcome message, while the media manager may change certain pages or even the entire presentation.

"Up to Date" is the keyword for digital narrow casting, a presentation is only attractive for the audience when it is up to date. Keeping the digital narrow casting system up to date is often perceived as a burden by customers, mostly because it’s just not within their profession. ShowTheme offers customers a maintenance contract, this is a monthly subscription for the renewal of an agreed number of pages within the presentation. The number of pages to be refreshed is again fully scalable to suit the needs and budget of the client.

As you’ve read above, our narrow casting system offers many possibilities, Of course we’re willing to work out your specific needs, into a customized combination of all available features and functionality.


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