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Portfolio: Thermae Bath Spa lighting

Thermae Bath Spa is a combination of the historic spa and a modern building in the city of Bath in England.
The Spa is operated by Thermae Development Company.
The complex houses two thermal baths, an open-air rooftop pool, an indoor pool,a large steam room, 20 spa treatment rooms and a 18th century hot bath.

The aim of this project was to dynamically illuminate an enormous cube built from local whitish stone
(The 'Bath Stone') surrounded by a glass facade.
Inside the building this huge cube is supported by four pillars which are located in the pool, these pillars are called "mushrooms" because of their shape.
During the construction six years ago fiberoptic was mounted around these mushrooms, but this proved to be unable to withstand the environment variables and needed to be replaced, a custom LED lighting was the solutions.

After visiting and demonstrating  various fixtures on site, followed by an intensive preparation, the ShowTheme team realized this project
last week during night hours.
Considerations in this project were: the high humidity and temperature in the building, the chlorine gases which effect
inadequately protected metals, the minimal projection distance to the projection plane and the limited possibilities to perform work safely at height (15 meters).

In collaboration with the technical team of Thermae Bath Spa and the riggers from Easy access (www.eze-access.com)  the system was installed, calibrated, programmed, and delivered within six nights
This customized solution shows the strength ShowTheme, Targeted finding a solutions that meets the required quality and appearance and also achievable within budget through extensive consultations and close cooperation with the customer.
By using of a simple control panel, the customer can choose between different preset scenes (rainbow / gradient, etc.) or manually compose a color setting.
If the customer desires a new custom effect afterwards, then ShowTheme will produce this upon request.
The program can then be easily uploaded into the control panel by the customer, this is important given the
travel time and associated costs, especially in international projects.

  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting
  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting
  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting
  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting
  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting
  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting
  • Thermae Bath Spa lighting

This project was realized with, among others:
46 pieces 12x3Watt IP66 full color LED fixtures.
88 meters IP68 RGB HD FlexLED.
4 pieces Customized  waterproof LED controllers.
1 piece Martin ColorFox VX01 panel.
Wireless DMX system