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Portfolio: 30 years Rowwen Heze

On Thursday 21 May, the family exhibition Rowwen Hèze 30 joar opened.
This exhibition shows the development the group which has grown from a party band to music band.
The exhibition will run until Sunday, January 3rd, 2016.

Like at a festival visitors walk from one to the other pavilion tent,
this way they’re taken through history both chronologically and thematically.
There’s also a theater within the exhibition is which video clips and concert recordings are played continuously.
Audio and visual fragments open the spirit of the age and evoke memories.
At the recordingsbar visitors can listened to what used to be inspiration for Rowwen Hèze and unreleased recordings of the group.
Special photos from past and present are on display in the art gallery.

  • 30 years Rowwen Heze
  • 30 years Rowwen Heze
  • 30 years Rowwen Heze
  • 30 years Rowwen Heze
  • 30 years Rowwen Heze
  • 30 years Rowwen Heze

For this exhibition ShowTheme provided the AV technology and maked use of BrightSign players for the recordings bar
and Alcorn McBride 8 traxx players for the fragments in the pavilion tents,
these fragments are triggered by special sensors with direction detection and stylish edge illuminated vandal resistant push buttons.
The Limburgs Museum already owns a large part of AV products, therefore reuse of this equipment was an express wish.
Wherever possible ShowTheme designed this equipment in the technical plan and during construction assisted with the installation and programming of it.