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Project: The Secret Weapon of Amsterdam

In 2019, fortress island Pampus launched their new attraction "The Secret Weapon of Amsterdam". This attraction gives visitors a unique look at the defense line of Amsterdam. This new experience route contains a balloon flight which takes visitors for a flight over the defense line.

The journey starts in the old office of aeronaut Leon Mary, where the balloon flight is mapped out on the desk. From here, the visitors proceed to an old military cinema, where a polygon journal takes them back in time. After this, the visitors continue their way and enter the western gun tower where they step into a real hot air balloon gondola and take off from Amsterdam a century ago. Through a 300-degree panorama projection and 5.1 surround audio system, they see the city become smaller and the defense Line as never before shown, an air journey over the defense line and its characteristic aspects. An adventurous journey! After the balloon has landed again, the visitors can explore the defense line further in some additional rooms. Finally, there are four computer game setups which show the position and it’s function within the defense line of a user inputted location based on a postal code.

In addition to the regular use of the artillery tower as an attraction, this area is also used during events, for this we have implemented a special Event mode, within this mode the operator can use a touch panel to; play microphone sound and their own audio over the existing audio installation, control the RGB lighting in the tower, use the panorama projection screen to display various types of backgrounds, the relevant company logo or a promotional video.

ShowTheme provided the technical realization for this attraction, consisting of; lighting, audio, video, warping, blending, projection mapping, special effects, embedded game PCs and overall showcontrol.


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