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Project: Vostermans Zephyros Conference Room

ShowTheme has realized the AV technology for the multifunctional conference room called Zephyros at the company Vostermans Ventilation B.V., Zephyros has been in use for some time now to full satisfaction of the customer.
The biggest challenge was in the multifunctional nature of Zephyros, during regular use this space is used as a meeting place for the employees during their break times, for this use good lighting and background music is important. Furthermore, this room is used for conferences and presentations, during which good visibility of the presentation and high speech intelligibility are important. Finally, Zephyros is also used for company drinks and parties, where the music goes up a notch and a firm bass is desirable, by using the installed RGBW LED lighting a more informal character can be achieved. However, the control of the whole system had to remain low-threshold, so that employees could easily operate a complex installation like this without technical support. A 10-inch Extron Touchpanel with a underlying control processor was used for this. This offers the possibility to create an intuitive custom layout, further adjustments or extensions are among the possibilities. Unique PIN codes are used to distinguish different users and associated rights. For example, one user can only adjust the volume, while the other has control over the entire installation. For eventual support in specific cases the Extron control system provides a possibility to remotely control, take over or operate the entire installation.

The mounted audio installation consists of a cluster of four satellite speakers for the speech intelligibility that is mounted precisely between the oak beams of the roof construction, this cluster is supported with two infill speakers for extra dynamics during music reproduction and two 15 inch subwoofers to ensure the bass reproduction, again mounted against the wooden beams of the roof construction with customized brackets. The control and signal processing of this 4KW sound installation is done using an Extron Digital Signal Processor. Finally, this installation also has two High-End Sennheiser microphones, one fixed and one wireless.

A 110 inch (= 280 cm) video wall provides a sharp display of presentations and videos. Through the touchpanel users can choose between sources such as: a Blu-ray player, Apple TV, a fixed PC and satellite TV, or the connection of an external source (such as a laptop) via the HDMI, VGA or Displayport.

For regular use, Zephyros is equipped with 10 large round lighting fixtures with warm white LED light sources connected to KNX dimming actuators, these are automatically switched via the Extron control system using motion sensors in the ceiling, the touch panel allows the user to adjust the brightness of these dimming lamps stepless. For parties and company drinks, the regular lighting has been supplemented with RGBW LED spots from which the user can set the colors and effects using the touchpanel. The gigantic glass façade of Zephyros is equipped with ultra modern sun blinds which are installed in between the double glazing, this KNX controlled sun protection can also be operated using the touchpanel.


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